Thursday, May 31, 2012

Structured Data Extractor - An Implementation of Data Extraction based on Partial Tree Alignment (DEPTA)

Structured Data Extractor (SDE) is an implementation of DEPTA (Data Extraction based on Partial Tree Alignment), a method to extract data from web pages (HTML documents). DEPTA was invented by Yanhong Zhai and Bing Liu from University of Illinois at Chicago and was published in their paper: "Structured Data Extraction from the Web based on Partial Tree Alignment" (IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2006). Given a web page, SDE will detect data records contained in the web page and extract them into table structure (rows and columns). You can download the application from this link: Download Structured Data Extractor


  1. Extract
  2. Make sure that Java Runtime Environment (version 5 or higher) already installed on your computer.
  3. Open command prompt (Windows) or shell (UNIX).
  4. Go to the directory where you extract
  5. Run this command: java -jar sde-runnable.jar URI_input path_to_output_file
  6. You can pass URI_input parameter refering to a local file or remote file, as long as it is a valid URI. URI refering to a local file must be preceded by "file:///". For example in Windows environment: "file:///D:/Development/Proyek/structured_data_extractor/bin/input/input.html" or in UNIX environment: "file:///home/seagate/input/input.html".
  7. The path to output file parameter is formatted as a valid path in the host operating system like "D:\Data\output.html" (Windows) or "/home/seagate/output/output.html" (UNIX).
  8. Extracted data can be viewed in the output file. The output file is a HTML document and the extracted data is presented in HTML tables.

Source Code

SDE source code is available at GitHub.


SDE was developed using these libraries:

  • Neko HTML Parser by Andy Clark and Marc Guillemot. Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.
  • Xerces by The Apache Software Foundation. Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.


SDE is licensed under the MIT license.


Sigit Dewanto, sigitdewanto11[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk, 2009.


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